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Alliance Wars is a group effort where two Alliances are pitted against each other. Each alliance member sets a defense and then goes about attacking the other alliance’s defense. You get points for killing enemy heroes when attacking and whichever alliance has the most points at the end of the War is the winner.

Each War will have a 24-hour preparation period to set defenses and then a 24-hour period of the actual War (i.e. when you attack). Each member will get 6 War flags; 3 at the start of the War and 3 at the 12-hour mark. You can hold all 6 if you want until the end, you don’t lose any of them if you haven’t attacked (i.e. there’s no penalty in lost flags if you can only jump on at the end). The 24-hour period is crucial for mitigating start time across time zones so that one alliance isn’t favored over another.

NOTE: This document is meant to explain the mechanics of how Alliance Wars will work so you can be prepared ahead of time and not spend your first War wasting time figuring things out. This is NOT a strategy document, more like a basic How-To manal.

Heroes Needed

Each of your heroes can only attack ONCE during the entire War, so each attack needs to use different heroes. Note that each hero is unique so if you have two Grimms for example, you can use each of them once. Given that you can attack 6 times, you will need at least 30 heroes to field 6 full attacking teams. The heroes you use for your defense team can also be used once each to attack just like any other hero. If you don’t have 30 heroes, just hang onto a few 2*s that you get from training camps or farming.


The scoring is handled this way – A fixed amount of points for each alliance (same for all alliances) is distributed between the members of the alliances depending on the strength of each member (Dante’s editorial note: I believe this is calculated on strength of the defense team you set). Per SGG “Defeating stronger heroes are worth more points than defeating the weaker ones”. I’m not sure if this is based on the “power” rating or by hit points.

You get bonus points for defeating an entire team (i.e. it may pay to go after a defense team with only 1-2 members left). Whether you chose to attack a full team or a smaller team is a strategic choice you’ll need to make in real-time based on what heroes you can bring and which you think will give you more points.

First Alliance War – Getting Started and preparation time

There is a “preparation phase” for 24 hours prior to the War starting. The first thing you’ll do during the preparation phase of your first alliance war is set your defense. This is exactly like raid defense – 5 heroes, with the middle tank, 2 flanking heroes next to the tank, and two heroes in the corner. Note that when the preparation phase ends, you cannot modify your defense team anymore as the War has started. To participate as an attacker, you must set a defense team. Your defense team in the next War will auto-populate with the previous defense team heroes, so if you want the same defense, you don’t need to do anything, though you can modify it at any time during the preparation phase.

Now in regular raids, the defense is reset for each raid (i.e. all 5 heroes are at 100% health). In Alliance Wars, the defense team does NOT heal between getting attacked during the current War. So if a particular player’s defense team is attacked and the tank is killed and hero 1 is 50% left of health, then when the next person attacks, the attack will start with the tank dead and hero 1 at 50% health. If the defense has a healer, it can heal itself. Status effects (DOT, blind, etc) will be removed. Alberich can resurrect heroes killed in previous attacks.

The only exception to this is if a defense team is completely killed. When that happens, a reset timer is started and when the timer expires, the defense team is completely revived and can be attacked again. The timer starts at 1 hour and if that team is completely killed a second time, the timer goes to 3 hours, and then 6 hours, etc.

The War begins! Attack!

Once preparation time is over and the war begins, you’ll see each player and their defense team lined up on either side of a river. You can scroll up to your opponent’s side and you will see each of their player names with their defense team in small icons with green health bars. To view their team in more detail, click the “Info” button on that team. When you find one you want to attack, select the attack button.

A team selection screen will pop up and you’ll be able to choose from all the heroes that have not yet attacked during the current War. Choose your 5 heroes then attack.

Now the actual attack will behave exactly like a raid – the attacker uses gems to do damage and build mana. Defense teams gain mana each turn as well as via gem hits. BUT, there’s a critical difference here: because in a real war, the defense typically has the advantage of a fortified position, so here the defense has a Revenge bar located at the top of the screen. The revenge bar fills a little each turn and when it’s full, it unleashed a barrage of arrows at the attacker. It does roughly 25% damage of the attacking heroes full health in damage. NOTE: the fewer defenders left alive, the faster the revenge bar will fill.

Once the War is over, whichever Alliance has the most points is the winner!

Below I have a 13 minute video of me running through this in beta along with some non-great attacks (I was in a hotel room rushed for time on a work trip).

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Dante’s Alliance Wars Primer (with Video from Beta)
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  • June 30, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    I’ve got a couple of pretty decent teams built up, but the rest of my teams are incredibly weak. Would you recommend combining my weak heroes with my strong heroes throughout the 6 attacks, or just using my strong 2-3 teams and not attacking with the weak ones at all?

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