Raiding 80s with 70s

Ok so lots of people complain about raiding 80s with 70s, but if you have a good bench of skills (dispeller, cleanser, etc) you can take down fully ascended 5 star heroes with your 70s.


Here are two examples. The first one has no sound and the second starts off with commentary but i’m interrupted by some friends…..sorry about …

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Zero’s hero leveling tips

In this video I highlight what I believe is the most effective way to level heroes.

Note: This video does not take into account scenarios of using training camps for legendary trainings. If you are doing legendary trainings, you can still utilize the remaining training camps as explained in this video.


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Raid with Zero

Raid with Zero

This one is a 4* v 5* video


And another, this one with a slight twist


Adding my latest video!


Hey folks,

I made a few videos of me raiding. Posting them in the forums so you can see the jumbled mess in my brain as i approach a raid. I might do more in the future …

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Anchor’s Complete Guide to Hero Grades

(Update Note: As of February 21, 2019, various members of the 7d family have taken over maintaining this wonderful sheet Anchor created.)

The purpose of this guide is to make it so you don’t waste very expensive resources, gems, time and most importantly money. Had I known this guide existed I would have been able to make better

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