7DR Alliance War Team Planner

This tool was created to allow a single pane view of all your heroes, ascension items and ascension requirements. Credit for the idea goes to Azrael. I was just the arms and legs that pulled the data together. It is best viewed on a PC but works well on my tablet and phone.

Basic Features Tutorial

Titan Damage Tracker Tutorial


Current Version: 0.81

To use the sheet:
1. Click the link below.
2. Select File > Make a Copy
3. Enter a name for the new sheet. This will save a copy of the sheet into your google drive.


AW Team Planner

This tool allows you to select 50 of your heroes to participate in alliance wars. You can then assign each of these heroes to a team as you use them and track your remaining stock.


Titan Damage Tracker

The damage tracker allows you to enter stats from your titan hits. At present it will track things like Max hit. Average against titan types etc. Once we have the data in there we will add more advanced titan stat tracking. Added by hero statistical analysis of titan hits.


My Heroes and Items

This list allows you to enter your heroes into the sheet. Heroes can be selected via a pull down menu. Enter their current tier and level. The 4th column lets you assign materials to that hero. When you select yes the ascension requirements are shown next to the hero. This currently only works for 4star final ascension and 5star final 2 ascensions. Your materials can be entered into the ascension materials table.

Many thanks to Azrael, Scndstar, Ritopo, Avicious, Torn and others that have helped with the creation of this tool.
Thanks to Anchor, Zero, Scndstar, Arien and Boarasaurus for the hero grading data. Thanks also to Petri for supplying the missing hi-def hero images and for giving us permission to use them.


Hero Comparison

This allows the user to select two heroes from pull-down lists and compare their stats side by side. This displays all hero stats, hero grading from Anchor’s hero grading sheet and an image of the hero (used with permission from Small Giant Games).

Alliance War Team Planner 0.81

7DR Alliance War Team Planner
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      Hey mate. Sorry just need to ask. Who are you ingame? Im a little slow this morning 🙂

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